The Balassi Sword was handed over for 11th times on 14th February 2007

Pál Molnár opens the ceremony

Imre Makovecz greets the participants

János Csokits poetm the Hungarian awarded

Dursun Ayan, Turkish translator, the foreigner awarded and Edit Tasnádi Hungarian translator

The blacksmith, who made the sword, József Fazekas

Attila Lőte, actor

Tamás Kobzos-Kiss, Tinódi awarded lute artist

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 Ayan, Dursun; Balassi Sword; Budapest; Csokits, János; Fazekas, József; Kobzos-Kiss, Tamás; Lőte, Attila; Makovecz, Imre; Molnár, Pál; Tasnádi, Edit


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