... and worth to show to the public, hopefully will be available here, in this "extendable picture encyclopaedia", which contains 5030 entries and 21720 pictures at the moment.

Our main goal is to collect and show the values of the Hungarians - mostly on private snapshots - inside the Carpathian basin and over that as well.

You can find pictures for your preferences on three different way: by topic, by place and by keyword and the search can be more efficient by using the search button. Select one of the tables with runic writing.

New possibility, that clicking on the small icon beside any captions, you can send that picture as an electronic greeting card.

People who speak Hungarian and have nice pictures can upload them from the Hungarian page extending this way our collection. Others can enjoy the beautiful pictures with their short descriptions.


"Let's be Christians when nobody sees us and let's be Hungarians even then when everybody sees us. Let's dare to be Hungarians!"

Gróf Teleki Pál

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